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Benefit from our in-depth understanding of the market and our global network 

The markets for sustainable commodities are subject to continuous change. Market players are constantly facing new challenges and growing complexity. We leverage our many years of experience, extensive network and in-depth understanding of the market to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Celsius Markets



Our extensive network and in-depth market knowledge provides you with the essential resources and insights you need to react quickly and effectively to market movements. You can benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the market and our strategic positioning, which will enable you to operate proactively and successfully in a highly competitive environment.

Industry & Business

We not only provide essential market information, but also direct access to customized solutions for carbon reduction and offsetting. Our excellent network enables you to effectively implement sustainable strategies without losing sight of your economic goals. Together we achieve a balance between ecological responsibility and economic profitability

Project Developer

We are aware of the challenges and opportunities that arise for project developers. The right hedging strategy not only offers you financial security, but is also the key to ensuring the long-term success of your projects. We offer you solutions that are both sustainable and commercially successful - for a future in which environmental responsibility and economic profitability go hand in hand.

Our Markets

With our many years of experience, extensive network and profound understanding of the market, we are a reliable partner at your side.

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